Laparoscopic gynecological surgery

The first Course, planned by Professors Michelle Nisolle (Liege) and Tommaso Simoncini (Pisa), is dedicated to “Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgery” and it is organized with some of the major European Experts, in this challenging field. Take advantage of this new opportunity for your professional updating.

In this course:
Module 1 Purchase
Tubal and ovarian surgery
Stefano Angioni
Surgical steps of myomectomy
Jean Dubuisson
Lesson 3 - Surgical steps of POP surgery
Tommaso Simoncini
Module 2 - upcoming Purchase
Lesson 4 - Surgical steps of laparoscopic hysterectomy
Patrice Crochet
Lesson 5 - Surgical steps of ovarian endometriomas
Michelle Nisolle
Lesson 6 - Surgical steps of posterior deep endometriosis
Nicola Pluchino
Module 3 - upcoming Purchase
Lesson 7 - Fertility after deep endometriosis surgery
Pedro Barri
Lesson 8 - Surgical steps of lateral deep endometriosis
Emile Darai
Lesson 9 - Lymphadenectomy
Benoit Rabischong

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